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Based on ideas of the founders, the team has identified a novel specific immunotherapy approach based on antigen-specific tolerance induction.

The approach defines a platform technology which is broadly applicable to a range of clinical indications with significant unmet medical need.

Allero’s proprietary SOMIT (Specific Oromucosal Immunotherapy) technology combines a tolerance-inducing agent with targeted delivery of specific antigens to the oral mucosa, an immune-priviliged target. The goal is to restore normal immune balance, avoiding global immune suppression, and treating the cause of the disease.

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Tolerogenic bacterial particals (TBPs)

Mouth patch

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Short-course treatment that induces a long-lasting effect

Prolonged and enhanced presentation of intact antigens to the oral mucosa leads to increaced tolerogenic efficacy without compromising safety. TBPs further enhance desensitization effect of SOMIT.

Platfom that can be used for multiple allergy and auto-immune indications.

Enhances tolerance induction by stimulation of proper immune cells.

Optimal retention of therapeutics at common tolerance induction site: the oral mucosa.

Non-invasive and patient-friendly treatment.

Short-course treatment that reinstates tolerance with a long-lasting effect.

Safety key technology components validated in humans.

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