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Allero Therapeutics is a venture-backed, biopharmaceutical company that develops next generation immunotherapies for food-related immune disorders.​

Food-related immune disorders refer to a broad range of conditions such as autoimmune and allergic diseases which result from abnormal activity of the body’s immune system upon exposure to innocuous triggers which may lead the immune system to over-react or start attacking the body.​

Therapy of immune mediated disorders remains unsatisfactory as current therapies either, do not treat the underlying causes and have significant side effects (autoimmune), or efficacy and compliance is poor (allergy).​

Allero has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (SME Instrument Phase 1) under grant agreement no 827234.​

Our vision is to improve the quality of life and survival of patients with immune mediated disorders. To achieve this, Allero Therapeutics is on a mission to develop novel targeted treatments that induce antigen-specific tolerance with a long lasting effect.​

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